Individual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy - Short term and long term work


We all need help coping with the complexities of life and I hope to be able to offer you a non- judgemental and safe space where you can openly talk about any difficulty. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is based on the idea that we all relate and respond to situations through the template we were treated in as children and so therapy is a place where you can come to view and think about what your particular template looks like. The hope is that it becomes possible to begin to sort out whether or not this structure suits you and possibly begin to try out new ideas through the relationship with your therapist. This exploration is done at a pace that feels safe and comfortable to you. Before beginning, we will have an initial consultation to discuss the reasons you’re considering psychotherapy. This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions, possibly about psychotherapy in general, my approach or anything that might help you decide as to whether I am the right therapist for you. The length and frequency of the sessions will depend on what we decide is best for you following our initial consultation – we might work together on a weekly basis, at the same time and day of the week for a limited amount of time (Short term work), or we might decide to work in a more open ended way (long term work) and at a higher frequency.

My work with individuals depends on what each person is facing and needing to work through at any given time. Although I am trained in psychoanalytic psychotherapy reflected in my sensitivity to how the past makes the present understandable. Nonetheless, I recognise that a person’s problems in the present are subject to all the opportunities and dilemmas of current life.

 Please do contact me if you have any questions